The crossbow is not new to archery just like the long bow. This bow was initially used for warfare and featured in several renowned campaigns such as the Hastings War. The bows’ popularity grew as is evident based on widespread use in central Europe, close to the Mediterranean, and in East Asia. The bow was so popular by the 12th century that it had almost rendered the long bow obsolete. The main reason for its rapid spread and popularity in the military was tactical in nature. The traditional long bow though the light would require several years of training for an individual to become proficient from a long distance. On the contrary, the crossbow just required a few weeks of training for the vast majority to gain adequate proficiency in aiming and using the weapon. The rapid release once locked is another advantage useful in war.

In recent years archery has been gaining popularity around the world thanks to technological advances that have made the bows better and the nature of the sport. Archery is very relaxing and is a lifetime sport. This means an archer can practice all through their lifetime and progress in skill while continually enjoying the sport for years on end. Furthermore, the sport is perfect for disabled people, and even those who due to injury or rheumatic problems cannot enjoy other sports. But how does one go about getting the best crossbow?

There are many types of crossbows, but I’m not going to go into all of them. Instead, I’m going to focus on the best crossbows for the money on the market in 2024. In this article, I am going to the 10 best hunting crossbow reviews. If you’re interested in crossbows, you should read the whole article.

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Best Crossbow For Hog Hunting

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Best Crossbow Reviews of 2024

It’s understandable that not everyone has the budget available to invest in the higher caliber crossbow models. Instead, you may prefer to assess crossbows that are still superior quality but fit better within the confines of your budget.

But don’t worry, all the crossbows you need on a budget are here. Now, let’s take a look at them!

Wicked Ridge RDX 400

Wicked Ridge RDX 400View On Amazon

Wicked Ridge RDX 400 offers a great selection to choose from. If you are looking for a great crossbow for hunting, especially for hog hunting, the Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbow is sure to fit your needs. In this article, we are going to review this top-rated boar hunting crossbow.


  • Reverse draw style
  • Speed: Up to 400 FPS
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 15.5″

Product Description

Wicked Ridge is a premium crossbow manufacturer that has been in the industry for a while. They have always been known to make top-quality boar-hunting crossbows. This is why a lot of shooters in the crossbow community have a positive view of them. It is a durable crossbow that can withstand high impact. The RDX 400 has a draw weight of 165 pounds which makes it suitable for hunters of different sizes. It has a weight of 7.6 lbs, a power stroke of 15.5″, a velocity of 400 FPS, and its reverse draw style. It is a complete package that includes a 4×32 scope and a premium arrow. The Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbow is powerful and reliable but a little bit expensive.

  • It’s a lightweight, super-fast, and accurate crossbow.
  • People love it, especially with the Acudraw system.
  • It is very well-balanced and shoots well.
  • This crossbow is very solid and not too heavy that’s why hunters like it.
  • Crossbow included scope is not good work in low light conditions.
  • Its price is a little bit high.

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Killer Instinct Lethal 405

Killer Instinct Lethal 405View On Amazon

This is a review of the Killer Instinct Lethal 405 FPS Crossbow. I’ve had this crossbow for a few years and used it quite a few times. It’s a very nice crossbow and I can’t complain about it. I used to shoot it with a scope, but I just recently changed it to a red dot scope that I’m still getting used to. I think it would be the best crossbow for deer hunting. Now I am going to do a detailed review of this crossbow.


  • Weight: 6.7 lbs
  • Speed: Up to 405 FPS
  • Draw Weight: 210 lbs
  • Included 4×32 scope

Product Description

The Killer Instinct Lethal 405 Crossbow packs a serious punch at a very affordable price. It has 1 illuminated scope, 1 rope cocker, string suppressors, a 3-bolt quiver, 3 bolts with field tips, and 1 stick of rail tube. The low-maintenance design means you can spend more time shooting and less time fiddling with the crossbow. Killer Instinct Lethal 405 includes a 4×32 scope, a velocity of 405 FPS, a draw weight of 210 lbs, and a lightweight frame.

  • Extremely accurate and super powerful.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Perfect and awesome for the affordable price.
  • Hunters like it for its lightweight frame.
  • Non-illuminated scope.

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TenPoint Titan M1

TenPoint Titan M1View On Amazon

The TenPoint Titan M1 compound crossbow is designed with the hunter in mind. The Titan M1 fits perfectly in your hands and rests comfortably on your shoulder without the need for a scope. The TenPoint Titan M1 is built to handle any situation and is more than capable of taking down any game you may pursue. I think it is the best crossbow for elk hunting and also best for other big game hunting.


  • Speed: Up to 370 FPS
  • Draw Weight: 180 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 14″
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs

Product Description

The TenPoint Titan M1 Crossbow is the ultimate crossbow for big game hunting. It has a draw weight of 180 pounds, a power stroke of 14 inches, and a speed of up to 370 FPS. An ambidextrous auto safety keeps things simple, while the adjustable stock with textured grip gives you plenty of options for a personalized fit.

  • It is very accurate and hits hard.
  • ACUdraw safe & silent cocking device included.
  • It’s a lightweight crossbow.
  • A little bit expensive.

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PSE ARCHERY Fang HD Crossbow

PSE Archery Fang HDView On Amazon

The PSE Archery Fang HD is the ideal crossbow for the hog hunter. The PSE Fang is the ultimate crossbow that will be able to take out any game you find in the wild. It has incredible accuracy, speed, and power. Being able to take down a boar/pig with this crossbow is no problem. The Fang is designed for ease of use. Now, we are going to review this top-rated crossbow for hog hunting.


  • Weight: 7.3 Pounds
  • Speed: Up To 405 FPS
  • Draw Weight: 205 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 14.5″

Product Description

The first thing you’ll notice about the Fang is the new Speed Loader System, which allows the user to load a new arrow in the 3-second flat! The Fang is a sleek, lightweight crossbow that is as powerful as it is accurate. The PSE Archery Fang speeds up to 405 FPS, the power stroke is 14.5”, the draw weight is 205 lbs, the overall length is 35.5”, the mass weight is 7.3 lbs, the cable is 19.7″, and the string is 37.2. It has also included anti-dry fire and auto safety triggers. That’s why a hog hunter safely uses this crossbow.

The PSE Archery Fang HD crossbow package includes HDV 425 1.5-5×32 variable zoom illuminated reticle scope; a 5-bolt quiver. Three 22″ carbon bolts with bullet points. Adjustable buttstock; foot stirrup. Limb dampers and string silencers; dual string stops.

  • It is easy to assemble.
  • High accuracy.
  • This crossbow is super fast and it speeds up to 405 FPS.
  • Anti-dry fire & auto safety triggers are included.
  • The draw weight of the crossbow is a little bit high.

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CenterPoint Sniper 370

CenterPoint Sniper 370View On Amazon

The CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow was designed for both hog hunting and target shooting. It’s a powerful crossbow that has enough strength to take down a wild hog or other big game. In this blog post, I am going to review the CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Package. I hope you might like this crossbow.


  • Included anti-dry fire
  • Speed: Up To 370 FPS
  • Draw Weight: 185 lbs
  • Included 4×32 scope

Product Description

CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Package: quiet, powerful, and accurate.

Spring-assisted cocking makes it easy to draw. Its whisper-quiet cam delivers arrow speeds up to 370 FPS. The adjustable shoulder stock and forearm grip provide a comfortable, stable shooting platform. The package includes A 5-year limited, parallel quiver, 4×32 mm scope, and rope cocker. It has also included a safety anti-dry fire trigger, fully adjustable stock, foregrip, quad limbs with precision-machined cams system, and many more options.

  • CenterPoint Sniper 370 is easy to assemble.
  • This Crossbow shoots fast, flat, and accurately.
  • It has a durable and lightweight design.
  • Included safety and anti-dry fire trigger.
  • This crossbow is solid and its material is steel, aluminum, and high-quality polymer.
  • This crossbow is a little bit heavy.

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Barnett Assault 350

Barnett Assault 350View On Amazon

Barnett’s Assault 350 Crossbow Package is an excellent starter package for those looking to hog hunting. Barnett is one of the most popular crossbows on the market today. It is known for its quality, durability, and functionality. The Barnett Assault crossbow is designed to help hunters find the game of their dreams. It is really the best crossbow for hunting boar. In this article, we review this model.


  • Item Weight: 6.4 lbs
  • Speed: Up To 350 FPS
  • Draw Weight: 165 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 12.5″

Product Description

Barnett Assault 350 is one of the best crossbows at the moment. It has an attractively designed body that gives it a stunning look. It has the capacity to launch arrows at a speed of 350 feet per second. Axle to Axle: 16.125″, overall length: 34.25″, power stroke: 12.5″, and 165 lbs draw weight. Assault 350 can easily penetrate through the skull of a hog. The bow is long-lasting, and its strings last longer than any other bow. The bow is quite easy to use. It is quiet during the operation. It is not too hard to assemble or use. So, it is highly recommended for use by hunters. Also, it is the best crossbow for women because of its lightweight and easy operation.

  • This crossbow is super accurate.
  • Barnett Assault 350 is a lightweight crossbow that’s why a female can use this.
  • This is a high-quality crossbow at an affordable price.
  • Anti-dry fire (ADF) trigger included.
  • No information was included about the crossbow warranty.

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Killer Instinct Ripper 415

Killer Instinct Ripper 415View On Amazon

If you’re looking for a Killer Instinct Ripper 415 Crossbow Review, then you’re in the right place. I recently purchased this crossbow and this crossbow was made by a leading crossbow manufacturer. As an elk crossbow hunter, I would always recommend this crossbow for elk hunting. Please read the review and know why I recommend this.


  • Speed: Up to 415 FPS
  • Draw Weight: 200 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 15″
  • Overall Length: 35″-36.5″

Product Description

I wanted to do a review on this crossbow because I knew it would be a great addition to my archery arsenal. The Killer Instinct Ripper 415 is a high-performance crossbow that is capable of firing a bolt at a blazing 415 FPS. The fiber optic sights are a nice touch, and the trigger is very smooth. Its draw weight is 200 lbs, its power stroke is 15″, and the overall length is 35″-36.5″.

I think it’s a good crossbow for elk hunting and other big game like deer, coyote, hog, rabbit, and many more. I have to say this is the best crossbow for the money on the market.

  • This crossbow is very fast, its speed is up to 415 FPS.
  • It is super accurate.
  • This bow is so easy to assemble.
  • Fully adjustable stock and forearm grip.
  • The draw weight of the crossbow is a little bit high.

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Barnett Hyperghost 425

Barnett HyperGhost 425View On Amazon

Barnett’s HyperGhost 425 is the quietest crossbow in the world, making it the ideal crossbow for elk hunting. Thanks to Barnett’s PowerPulse technology to make this masterpiece crossbow. Now we are going to a detailed review of this crossbow. Also below I am going to include Barnett HyperGhost 425’s price.


  • Speed: Up to 425 FPS
  • Draw Weight: 206 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 16.3″
  • Overall Length: 36.25″

Product Description

Barnett HyperGhost 425 crossbow is, after all, a high-end crossbow for elk hunting. The lightest Barnett crossbow model, the Hyperghost 425 weighs 7.7 pounds, has a draw weight of 206 lbs, and an overall length of 36.25″. It has a speed of 425 feet per second. In the end, I would say it really the best crossbow for deer hunting.

  • Its shoots are smooth as silk and with eye-crossing accuracy.
  • Hunter loves this crossbow for its speed (425 FPS).
  • It has included an anti-dry fire trigger tech trigger.
  • Sound-proof operation Included.
  • It is not a cheap crossbow for hunting.

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PSE Archery Coalition

PSE Archery CoalitionView On Amazon

The PSE Archery Coalition Crossbow is one of the lightweight bows you can find on the market today. It is an ideal bow if you are looking to kill elk, deer, hog, or any other big game. It is not very difficult to use. And it comes with a sling so it is easy for you to carry the bow around. The bow is black with white accents. This crossbow is also affordable. Here I am reviewing these best elk-kill crossbows.


  • Speed: Up to 380 FPS
  • Draw Weight: 185 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 14.5″
  • Kinetic Energy: 127 FT. lbs.

Product Description

The cutest PSE crossbow model, the Pse archery coalition weighs 7.5 pounds, has a draw weight of 185 lbs, and a draw length of 35 inches. It has a speed of 380 feet per second. It’s really perfect for elk hunting.

The PSE Archery Coalition crossbow package deal contains all you need to get out and start hunting right away. It includes the Coalition Crossbow, 4x20mm Scope, four Carbon bolts, and a padded sling. It’s the best crossbow for beginners.

  • Really a lightweight mid-range crossbow.
  • This crossbow is easy to assemble and shoots very well.
  • PSE Archery Coalition is extremely accurate.
  • It includes the auto-dry fire system and auto-safety trigger.
  • It takes a little bit of strength to draw the string back.

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EK Archery RX Adder Repeating Crossbow

EK Archery RX AdderView On Amazon

The EK Archery RX Adder is a self-clamping and automatic-loading crossbow that has been designed to be the easiest crossbow to learn to use. This crossbow features MOA’s Patent Pending Trigger Down technology, which extends the time between shots by minimizing the effort required to draw the bowstring. You can easily kill an elk with this crossbow.


  • Speed: Up to 270 FPS
  • Draw Weight: 130 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 7.5″
  • Item Weight: 4.4 lbs

Product Description

EK Archery RX Adder is an automatic self-loading repeating crossbow. It includes 5 x ADDER bolts, red dot sight, sling, adjustable foregrip, stringer, spare string, and many more. Its speed is up to 270 fps.

EK Archery Cobra RX Adder crossbow is black in color, its power source is mechanical, the draw weight is 4.4 lbs, the draw length is 130 lbs, and its string is fiber optic. It would be really good for elk hunting.

  • This crossbow is easy to assemble.
  • It is lightweight and accurate.
  • It has a self-clamping and automatic loading system.
  • It’s a little bit expensive crossbow.

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Best Crossbow Buying Guide

What is a Crossbow?

A crossbow is a weapon primarily used in hunting and sport, though it has its roots in Medieval warfare. Consisting of a horizontal limb that is mounted across a stock, a crossbow gives the shooter a more steady and powerful way to quick-load a bolt or quarrel (i.e. a smaller arrow) for rapid fire with the same accuracy and silence as a bow. While most crossbows are made for short-distance fire, there are some crossbows that are used for long-distance shooting.

Crossbows have seen a recent spike in popularity thanks to games like Skyrim where the crossbow is one of the most popular weapons available. It should be mentioned that, unlike Skyrim, taking an arrow to the knee hurts so always use caution when firing a crossbow and never use one to harm a human being!

Types of Crossbows

There are both recurve and compound crossbows. The recurve crossbow is less complicated will have longer arms or limbs with a single string, and can be a little more cumbersome to use in tight places. The compound crossbow will have shorter and stiffer arms but will have more complicated stringing through the arms, wheels, and pulleys and may use one or more strings. However, this makes it easier to cock a stronger draw on a compound crossbow than on a recurve crossbow. Most compound crossbows will shoot the same weight arrows at a faster speed than will a recurve crossbow. This is relevant to the Draw Weight and Power Stroke.

Not long ago most crossbow arms were made from steel. Today, most crossbow arms are made from fiberglass or a variety of composites in an array of designs.

Recurve Crossbow

A recurve crossbow is the main and traditional style of the crossbow on the market. By using two solid limb assemblies which are attached right onto the stock of the crossbow, a recurve is able to fire a bolt with great power by sweeping back the limbs and pulling the tips forward. This creates greater potential energy, giving you a ton of speed and power.

Compound Crossbow

The more recent crossbow is called the compound crossbow. Compound crossbows resemble a compound bow (used in sports archery and hunting) in that they can either have split limbs or single limbs. A compound crossbow is heavier than a recurve bow and uses a cam system. Aside from the split and single limbs, a compound crossbow is also different from a recurve in that its limbs are much shorter, making it ideal for hunting where space is limited due to blinds and treestands.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Crossbow

Draw Weight

Crossbows are typically ranked by pull or draw weights, usually in the range of 80 to over 200 pounds. The draw weight is the amount of force that it takes to draw a bow. The most typical or standard is a pull weight of around 150 pounds. This will propel an arrow at over 300 feet per second.

Most people can hand cock a 150-pound pull weight. However, there are a number of cocking aids available like a rope cocking aid or crank cocking aids that, although slower to reload, dramatically reduce the strength needed to cock the crossbow.

Power Stroke

The Power Stroke is the distance that the bow string travels from the rest position to the full draw. The longer the power stroke, the faster an arrow will travel using the same draw weight.

Arrows Bolts and Points

Arrows for crossbows are usually referred to as bolts and in today’s modern world, they can be manufactured from a large variety of materials such as aluminum, carbon, fiberglass, and composites to name a few. There are also a huge variety of points to choose from. For instance, an aluminum shaft will do well with a 125-grain point, whereas a carbon shaft will perform better with a 100 or less-grain point. It is very important to select the correct length, spline, and points for your crossbow. Most manufacturers will list a series of recommended arrows and points for your specific crossbow.

Field points and Broadhead points are the two most common points. Target points are bullet-shaped with a sharp point. Field points are similar to target points but with a tapered shoulder, designed to make them easier to remove. Broadheads will usually have either two or four sharp blades that come to a point and will cause massive bleeding.


Most crossbows will come with a metal or optical sight and in some cases a red dot sight. You wouldn’t think that for such short-range shooting, you would even need a sight. But after around 30 or 40 yards there is such a rapid drop-off rate that it is essential that you know the precise distance at which you are shooting.


We highly recommend that you purchase any needed accessories, such as sights for instance, that you may need at the time you purchase your crossbow. In as much as the rate of change and advancement of technology is so quick these days, proper fitting accessories for the crossbow you buy today may not be available five or six years from now.

How To Select A Good Crossbow

In the hunting realm, it would seem that professionals and amateurs alike are getting caught up on one weapon: the crossbow. Due to this overwhelming booming demand, manufacturers of these weapons have attempted to step up their game; releasing new crossbow lines and researching and developing new ideas for future products.

If you are thinking of joining the revolution, and wish to pursue a wild game with a good crossbow in your artillery, you may be wondering which crossbow would be right for you and how you choose from all of the different kinds. Well, crossbows are just like any other hunting weapon you may be interested in, you must first determine and evaluate your needs and then choose a product based on those properties.

Money may be one of the biggest factors. Just like most items sold, there will be a variety of models, ranging from a crossbow that is a couple of hundred dollars to thousands. Do not fret if you are unable to get the best crossbow on the market, as all manufacturers will give you a quality product no matter which model you choose. Customer service in this industry is top-notch, so you will not have to worry about not receiving repairs or consideration. With that in mind, take a minute to determine your price range.

How To Select A Good Crossbow

Once you have established this important option, determine what you prefer in terms of model and style. If new to hunting altogether, it may be best to get the help of an expert when you go to the store. For example, do you want a crossbow that is already equipped with a cocking device, or will you be able to do this chore yourself? Stock and finish are also up to personal choice. Crossbows are available in

  • Wood
  • Synthetic

After this has been decided, let’s move on to what brand you will choose. This is also a matter of personal choice, and there is not one right brand out there that is better than another. Going to a specialty store that carries many different brands may help you discover what each company has to offer.

Finally, you should consider how heavy you wish your crossbow to be. If you are female, you will probably want a lighter crossbow than a man would. Again, consult a salesperson or someone who knows this arena for assistance if you are unsure. Crossbows are the new big thing in hunting, go out and get one today!


Now that you’ve read our reviews, you should also know how to pick a crossbow for hunting. But as experts in the bowhunting field, we strongly recommend you buy Wicked Ridge RDX 400, TenPoint Titan M1, and PSE ARCHERY Fang HD.